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About us

We create infrastructure that go beyond the demands of today and tomorrow

A Nordic infrastructure company

NRC Group is a Nordic infrastructure company, developing and supplying products and services for sustainable transport solutions including the entire value chain for rail construction and maintenance, harbours and roads. The service offering includes groundwork, specialised trackwork, safety, electro, telecom, signalling systems and environmental solutions.

In NRC Group, people come first

Our people

We aim to be the most attractive partner and employer of tomorrow’s infrastructure. We believe that ambitious, talented people are the key factor to be successful. So for us, giving our employees the possibility to grow and develop as professionals and leaders is our way of building a strong and sustainable company.

We have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and as part of our team you will have the opportunity to build your own success. 

We offer meaningful job opportunities for people who want to create sustainable infrastructure in Norway, Sweden and Finland. Check out the different opportunities on our country specific career pages and take part of the growth journey with us.

Our ambition is to be the Nordic leader in sustainable infrastructure

We promote greener transportation of people and goods

Access to high-quality sustainable infrastructure solutions with low carbon footprint is increasingly important as Nordic cities and populations grow. NRC Group contributes to the construction and maintenance of rail infrastructure, including railways, metro and tram, and thus helps promote greener, safer and more efficient transportation of people and goods. 

As an entrepreneur of environmentally-friendly transport solutions, we take pride in building a sustainable future for the generations to come. We operate where green meets green - where environmental responsibility meets financial growth.

Everyone should return home safely after every workday

Safety is our first priority

In NRC Group, we will work safely - or not at all. For us it is first priority that all our professionals return safely back home after work, every day of the year.

Everyone in our organisation contributes to a good and safe working environment and our management is actively and visibly involved in the HSE work.

Tomorrow in the making

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Where do we operate?

NRC Group Norway

NRC Group Norway

In Norway, we have approximately 550 professionals working in three divisons: rail construction, environment and construction
NRC Group Sweden

NRC Group Sweden

In Sweden, we have more than 500 professionals working in two divisions: rail construction and construction
NRC Group Finland

NRC Group Finland

In Finland, we have more than 1,100 professionals working in construction, maintenance and material divisions
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