We create infrastructure that goes beyond the demands of today and tomorrow – both for people and the society.

We are NRC Group

With deep local understanding combined with scalable knowledge NRC Group develops infrastructure and the way people move and live. With roots in Nordic values, where care and credibility are the nerves, we use our entrepreneurial spirit to reach the right decisions today - for tomorrow in the making.

While aiming to thrive as a business, we take pride in creating a sustainable future for generations to come. We build for people and cities to connect. Our mission is  to make infrastructure that goes beyond the demands of  today and tomorrow – both for people and the society.

A Nordic leader in sustainable infrastructure

NRC Group is the leading rail infrastructure entrepreneur in the Nordic region with more than 2,000 professionals in Norway, Finland and Sweden. Company creates infrastructure that goes beyond the demands of today and tomorrow and offers a full range of services throughout the transport infrastructure life cycle. Services include groundwork, trackwork, safety, electro, telecom and signalling systems, and environmental services such as decommissioning and reclamation. Company aims to be the most attractive partner and employer of tomorrow’s infrastructure. 

Fact Box


CEO::Henning Olsen


Revenue::6 billion NOK




Head Office: :Lysaker, Oslo, Norway


Listed in::Oslo Børs


Stock ticker::NRC

Our cornerstones

Caring about people and environment

Creating a Nordic leader in sustainable infrastructure​

Sustainability and social responsibilty

We take pride in our projects

We are builders of infrastructure, something that stays for a very long time, beyond tomorrow.


Safety comes first

At the end of the day everyone should arrive safely home when working for NRC Group.

Health and safety

Our core values

What we stand for?


We care for the safety of our employees and suppliers. We support and develop, both people and sustainable actions – beyond tomorrow.



We are led by the highest ethical standards. We walk the talk and deliver on time, budget and quality. For us, promises exist to be kept.



We deliver infrastructure, not bureaucracy. We are driven by a strong commercial mindset and a continuous search for best solutions.

Where we are?

NRC Group Norway

We have 550 professionals working in three divisons: rail, environment and construction

NRC Group Norway (site in norwegian)

NRC Group Sweden

In Sweden, we have over 500 professionals working in two divisions: construction and rail

Go To NRC Sweden (site in Swedish)

NRC Group Finland

1100 professionals working in construction, maintenance and material divisions.

Go To NRC Finland (site in Finnish)


Henning Olsen

Henning Olsen (1978)


Dag Fladby

Dag Fladby (1968)


Hans Olav Storkås

Hans Olav Storkås (1966)

Managing Director NRC Norway

Robert Röder

Robert Röder (1965)

Managing Director NRC Sweden

Harri Lukkarinen

Harri Lukkarinen (1970)

Managing Director NRC Group Finland

Alfred Beck

Alfred Beck (1973)

Legal counsel

Mirka Nevala

Mirka Nevala (1978)

Executive Vice President, Strategy and Business Development

Board of Directors

Helge Midttun

Helge Midttun (1955)

Chairman of the Board

Brita Eilertsen

Brita Eilertsen (1962)

Board member

Harald Arnet

Harald Arnet (1961)

Board member

Kjersti Kanne

Kjersti Kanne (1968)

Board member

Mats Williamson

Mats Williamson (1959)

Board member

Rolf Jansson

Rolf Jansson (1969)

Board member

Eva Nygren

Eva Nygren (1955)

Board member

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