Feb 21, 2019

NRC Group - Notification of Trade

Charlotte Holding AS entered into a forward contract to purchase 500,000 shares in NRC Group ASA at a price of NOK 71.994 per share.

The term of the forward contract expires on 20 August  2019. At the same time, Charlotte Holding AS sold 500,000 shares in NRC Group ASA to the counterparty in the forward contract, at a price of NOK 70.694 per share.

Charlotte Holding AS is wholly owned by Øivind Horpestad, who is the CEO of NRC Group ASA.

After the abovementioned transactions, Charlotte Holding AS' total shareholding in NRC Group ASA is unchanged, being 1.829.688 shares (3.39%), of which 500,000 shares are on future contract (0.93%).

In addition, Øivind Horpestad holds 100,000 options in NRC Group ASA.

This information is subject of the disclosure requirements pursuant to section 5-12 of the Norwegian Securities Trading.

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