Sustainability, governance and social responsibility

As an entrepreneur of environmentally-friendly transport solutions, we take pride in building a sustainable future for the generations to come. We operate where green meets green - where environmental responsibility meets financial growth.

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While aiming to strive as a business, we take pride in building a sustainable future for generations to come

Our social responsibility priorities

Health and safety

Health and safety

We aim to provide a safe and secure workplace for all our employees. We work and focus on safety in all we do, every single day. Our goal is that all employees, hired staff and cooperating partners shall be able to return home every day completely free of injuries.

Health and safety
High business ethics

High business ethics

NRC Group has made a strong commitment to ensure trust in the company and to enhance shareholder value through effective decision-making, open communication and high ethics. It is essential that our people follow our code of conduct in their everyday work.

Corporate governance
Environmental impact

Environmental impact

As cities and population grow, efficient transport systems with low carbon footprint is increasingly important. Building environmentally-friendly transportation systems is at the core of what we do and we are proud to contribute to a sustainable society.


For more information, please contact

Runhild Gudem - HSEQ

Runhild Gudem - HSEQ

Director HSEQ

+47 93 22 39 48

Alfred Beck - Corporate Governance

Alfred Beck - Corporate Governance

Legal counsel

+47 90 77 20 26


How we contribute to the UN Development goals

  • UN Development goal 5
    UN Development goal 5
  • UN Development goal 8
    UN Development goal 8
  • UN Development goal 9
    UN Development goal 9
  • UN Development goal 11
    UN Development goal 11
  • UN Development goal 12
    UN Development goal 12
  • UN Development goal 13
    UN Development goal 13

Our values



We care for the safety of our employees and suppliers. We support and develop, both people and sustainable actions – beyond tomorrow. ​



We are led by the highest ethical standards. We walk the talk and deliver on time, budget and quality. For us, promises exist to be kept. ​



We deliver infrastructure, not bureaucracy. We are driven by a strong commercial mindset and a continuous search for best solutions. ​

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