Because tomorrow matters

A comprehensive ethics policy and compliance programme

Our programme focuses on priority ethics areas including anticorruption, anti-bribery, fair competition and supply chain integrity. Routines and systems for whistleblowing are established in accordance with the Norwegian Working Environment Act. The Business Ethics and Code of Conduct Policy serves as NRC Group’s primary governance document for ethical business practices.

Anti-corruption training

The key features of the ethics compliance programme and whistleblowing system have been communicated to all group employees. This has strengthened internal awareness about ethical issues, including application of NRC Group’s policy on business ethics. Workshops and training have been conducted with all managers in Norway, Sweden and Finland to prepare them for handling ethical conflicts.

Corporate Governance

We have a strong commitment to ensure trust in the company and to enhance shareholder value through effective decision-making and improved communication between the management, the Board of Directors and the shareholders. The company's framework for corporate governance is intended to decrease business risk, maximise value and utilise the company’s recourses in an efficient, sustainable manner, to the benefit of shareholders, employees and society at large. 

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