Safety is our first priority

Sickness absence

A safe place to work

Our goal is that all employees and partners shall return home every day completely free of injuries. We work and focus on safety in all we do in line with our policy for health, working environment and safety. We measure lost time injury (LTI) frequency, defined as the number of injuries resulting in absence per million man-hours. The rate for LTI-2 is defined as number of lost time injuries in total per million hours, also including injuries that require medical treatment and alternative work. We include our subcontractors in all our reporting of health and safety data.

Protecting our employees while delivering critical infrastructure

From the beginning of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, NRC Group’s main priority has been keeping employees healthy and safe. A sharp focus on adopting guidelines and policies to prevent and handle COVID-19 outbreaks is maintained. The Group continuously monitors the development of the pandemic and its potential impact on its employees and business operations.

A groupwide HSE culture

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) guidelines are implemented in all countries for employees , partners and subcontractors. Our handbook is available in Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and English and meets regulatory and requirements in each country that we operate. The handbook can be downloaded on each of our country web pages.

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