You can be more with us

63% of employees was sustainability certified in 2021

Developing our workforce to be ready for the future is a key part of our approach to sustainability. In 2021, 63% of our employees completed our sustainability certification programme, which builds an agreed understanding of key sustainability principles across the entire business.

A safe place to work

Our goal is that all employees and partners shall return home every day completely free of injuries. We work and focus on safety in all we do in line with our policy for health, working environment and safety. Training begins at induction and continues on the job and in specific formal training programmes. A key element of all training is the focus on continuous learning, which aims to constantly refresh knowledge and embed a strong health and safety culture within the organization.

Leadership Program

NRC Group offers an extensive leadership program for all employees with management responsibility in each country of operation. The purpose is to train all managers in the organization in leadership capabilities and create an awareness of the importance of the leadership role. By the end of the course all managers should be equipped to lead themselves, lead others and lead the business.

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