We care about people and the planet

Good health and well-being

Occupational health and safety are top priorities in NRC Group. The goal is that all employees and partners shall return home every day completely free of injuries. The company works proactively to reduce all work-related accidents. In addition, encourages employees to a healthy lifestyle. 

Gender equality

NRC Group operates in a male dominated industry, which is reflected in the gender composition for the company. This requires extra effort put down to retain and recruit a more diverse workforce. NRC Group has developed a diversity plan to improve the equality. In 2020, the representation of female employees was 10%.

Affordable and clean energy

The company pays attention to, and report on, energy consumption, and calculate the footprint. By focusing on energy efficiency and renewable energy, NRC Group reduces our emissions and helps promote the development of a sustainable industry.

Decent work and economic growth

Employees work in a wide variety of working environments. The wellbeing of the employees is a key to successful projects and the company works actively to improve and optimise the working conditions. 

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

NRC Group proudly supplies sustainable transport solutions which include the entire value chain for rail construction and maintenance, harbours and roads. The service offering includes groundwork, specialised trackwork, safety, electro, telecom, signalling systems and environmental solutions. 

10 Reduced inequalities

In 2020, the employees had conducted more than 40,000 hours of training. A proactive approach through NRC Academy is a key factor to build a unified company culture as well as retain and attract new employees. A diverse and inclusive workforce is a key driver for growth, and equal opportunities is a foundation for future development of the workforce.  

Sustainable cities and communities

How communities build and manage urban spaces is key for the sustainable development going forward. Low-emission transport that secures a safe and effective travel for its citizens is significant. Providing sustainable infrastructure to connect people and cities, is at the core of NRC Group.

Responsible consumption and production

Public customers hold a large share of NRC Group’s portfolio. The main production is strictly regulated, and the company collaborates closely with authorities to ensure continuous improvement of compliance and responsible production.  

Peace, justice and strong institutions

With comprehensive ethics policy and compliance program, focusing on transparency, anti-corruption, anti-bribery, fair competition and supply chain integrity, employees are trained in to ensure a safe and responsible operation. Routines and systems for whistleblowing are established in accordance with the Norwegian Working Environment Act. In Norway, the company is certified with ISO 37001, the internationally recognised ISO standard for anti-bribery management systems. 

Partnerships for the goals

To intensify the work on sustainability topics, the company joined the UN Global Compact in addition to several national and local initiatives. NRC Group believes collaboration and co-operation are essential in the quest to create a more sustainable development. 

For more information, please contact:

Jukka Viitanen

Jukka Viitanen

Head of Sustainability

+358 40 722 4896


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